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We Are Upgrading Everything

Over the past sixteen months, we've been very busy behind the scenes at the Alumni Office. We realized that our website was old and stale and we had zero presence on social media. Our main contact with you has been the Falconer newspaper, which is mailed out to dues paying members of the Alumni Association on a quarterly basis. We knew this had to change, and change is exactly what happened.

A New Website and Social Media

In October 2022, we launched our new and re-branded website, and we've been doing our best to provide content that is not only up to date, but also relevant to our members. In addition to the website, we have created a Facebook Page, where we can reach the masses quickly. This page is our main channel for reaching our alumni brothers, as well as families and friends of North Catholic. Also, we created a Facebook Group, where anyone who has an interest in the North Catholic Alumni can join and share their stories, ask questions or just interact with the Falcon community. We also now have an "X" account (formerly Twitter) as well as an Instagram account. We want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing our Alumni with information that we are all interested in these days.

Paying and Donating online

online transactions

The most often requested feature is for us to provide the ability to pay dues, donate to Falconway or buy tickets to events online. Well now, with the help of our dedicated technology team, we have added those features to our website. If you want to pay dues without having to mail a check into the office, you can now just go to our website, and like any other online transaction, you can securely pay your annual dues. The same is true for donating to our Falconway campaign or buying tickets to events, such as the Communion Breakfast.

What's Next?

online store

In the coming months, we will be building out our online bookstore, where you will be able to buy North Catholic memorabilia, shirts, hats, etc. directly on our website. You'll be able to either pick up items at the alumni office, or for a minimal shipping fee, we will mail them out to you. While we don't have an estimated launch date, we do hope to have it up and running by summer time this year.

Our plan is to continue to listen to our alumni, and provide the services that are requested, within reason of course. Since we don't have unlimited money to spend, and most of these upgrades are provided by volunteers, there is a limit as to what we can do. But, you can bet that if it helps us better serve the North Catholic community, we'll do the best that we can to make it happen. If you have a suggestion, please go to our "Contact Us" page on our website and send us a suggestion or two. We are actively listening to our membership and want to make our Alumni Association the best that we can.

Thank you,

The Northeast Catholic Board of Governors


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